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5 Tips for Caring for a Premature Baby on World Prematurity Day

Prematurity is an issue that affects millions of babies around the world every year, often with devastating long-term consequences. Today (Nov 17) marks the third annual World Prematurity Day, which aims to raise awareness about premature births and offer support to families who are dealing with them on a daily basis. Whether you’re trying to keep a premature baby comfortable at home or helping coordinate care in the NICU, here are 5 tips that can help you with caring for a premature baby today and every day.

1) Speak with your baby’s doctor about jaundice and how to treat it.

If your baby is prematurely born, he or she may be at risk of developing jaundice. The first thing you should do when noticing your baby has jaundice is to speak with his or her doctor about how to treat it. Sometimes, the doctor will want the baby to stay in the hospital for extra care. If this is the case, there are some things you can do to help make your baby’s stay more comfortable.

1) Call and find out what time visiting hours are so that you can come see your baby as often as possible! 2) Ask if there are any special foods that you can bring your little one – sometimes they have certain cravings while they’re in the hospital! 3) Bring your baby their favorite toy from home – a soft blanket from their crib, too! 4) Speak with the nurses about bathing your child; some hospitals allow parents to bathe their babies themselves, others use nurses to bathe them. 5) Talk to other families who have gone through something similar: connecting with other people who know exactly what you’re going through can help you feel better during this difficult time.

2) Give your premature baby plenty of skin-to-skin contact.

Skin-to-skin contact is important because it mimics the feeling of being in the womb, which is what they are used to. It also helps regulate their body temperature and heart rate, decreases crying and helps with digestion. A premature baby needs extra care! Keep these 5 tips in mind for caring for a premature baby today on World Prematurity Day 1. Bring your baby into bed with you when you sleep: If possible, bring your newborn into bed at night so that he or she can be close to mommy and daddy while sleeping. Some parents find that this helps keep their babies content throughout the night. Plus, it’s nice for dad to get some good rest too! 2. Put them to breast as soon as they show interest: As soon as your baby shows an interest in breastfeeding, do not wait! Breastfeeding is best for premature babies because it offers them antibodies and other nutrients through mother’s milk, promotes bonding between mommy and her little one, lowers the chance of infections such as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) – where part of the intestine dies off – reduces hospital stays by four days… 3. Give lots of hugs: Premature infants need lots of loving from everyone around them – give lots of hugs so that everyone knows how much you care about him/her 4. Practice safe co-sleeping: Sleeping next to your preemie will help ensure his safety and provide reassurance. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against co-sleeping if there is any risk factor present such as smoking, alcohol consumption, substance abuse or violence in the home. Co-sleeping should only be practiced if there are no risks involved and supervised by an adult who has been trained in safe cooperating techniques. 5.

premature baby

3) Use a NICU diary to document your baby’s progress.

My baby was born two months premature. I expected that he would need some extra care in the NICU, but I never realized how much help he would need. Here are five helpful tips:

-Bring a partner or friend with you to visit your baby

-Let your baby be skin-to-skin with you as much as possible

-Be sure to take proper rest and nutrition so you’re able to care for your baby at home

-Talk to your doctor about breastfeeding, especially if your baby will be going home soon

-Take all of the help that is offered by hospital staff, they have gone through this before and know what they’re doing ! The nurses were great!

-We learned quickly to ask questions and figure out what we needed to do differently from day one.

-It’s been a long journey, but it’s worth it! It doesn’t matter how old my son is when he leaves the hospital, I’ll always be his mommy. Happy World Prematurity Day!

4) Pump breast milk even if you’re not able to breastfeed.

Pumping breast milk is an important step in caring for your premature baby. It’s best to start pumping as soon as possible so you can collect enough to feed your baby at the hospital and while they’re still in the NICU. You may find it helpful to use a breast pump that’s designed especially for breastfeeding moms like Medela’s SwingMaxx Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump.

Here are five more tips to make pumping easier:

1) Wear comfortable clothing and sit in a comfortable position. 2) Make sure you have plenty of time set aside, especially if you plan on doing it at work. 3) Keep anything else you’ll need nearby, such as bottles or ice packs. 4) Relax!

5) Join a support group for parents of premature babies.

Joining a support group is an amazing way to get support and advice from other parents of premature babies. It is also a great way to learn more about your child’s condition, as well as receive advice from people who are experts in caring for premature babies. The following are five tips that can help you care for your baby:

1) Make sure the room where your baby sleeps is warm enough

2) Keep your baby dry by changing their diaper often and using lotion

3) Be aware of any changes in the color of the skin or mouth

4) Keep them away from anyone with colds or flu

5) Don’t forget to tell medical professionals about your child’s prematurity so they know what to expect

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