Deal with bloating and gas issues with these natural quick-fixes

How to deal with bloating and gas issues is a common concern for people across genders and age groups. A health coach shares some remedies.

Deal with bloating and gas issues

Deal with bloating and gas issues with these natural quick-fixes

“Oh god, I feel so bloated!” Can you relate to this? Well, no one can deny experiencing bloating at one time or another. It is an uneasy sensation and occurs because of trapped gas or high pressure in the gut. Bloating causes enlargement of the belly, and it might also feel tender or painful. Eating a very large meal or gas-producing food are the common triggers of bloating. It is a very common short-term problem and usually gets resolved on its own. However, for some people, it turns into a chronic problem. So, know the causes and easy remedies to deal with bloating.

Recently, health coach Neha Ranglani took to her social media to share the causes and easy remedies for regular bloating through an Instagram reel.

Common causes of Bloating

Let’s try and understand the many causes of bloating:

1. Your mouth

The first one starts right with your mouth. So, if you are somebody who does not chew their food too well, eats too fast or talks while eating, then you are not breaking down your food enough. This can lead to bloating.

2. Low stomach acid

Having low levels of stomach acid avoid the food from being broken down well. The bigger pieces get into the intestine and ferment, leading to inflammation and bloating.

3. Sluggish liver and gall bladder

Another cause of bloating is a sluggish liver and gall bladder, which release bile and enzymes to support digestion. Without these, the undigested food can create havoc in your gut which causes bloating.


SIBO means an overgrowth of the bacteria in the small intestine where they are not meant to be. As the food enters, they feed on it creating gas and bloating.

5. Overgrowth of unwanted bacteria and yeast

There can be an overgrowth of unwanted bacteria in your large intestine due to sugar, refined and fried foods, lack of sleep, unmanaged stress, etc. This, in turn, irritates the bowel lining and releases toxic gases leading to bloating.

6. Food intolerance

Sometimes, your bloating can come from food intolerances like gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, sugar, corn, nuts, and foods you never know!

What are some natural ways to deal with bloating

Kitchen ingredients
Get your hands on simple kitchen ingredients like ginger, fennel, ajwain, and aloe vera to soothe the gut lining and help dispel the gas from the abdomen easily. 


Bitter herbs like dandelion and chamomile kick the digestive tract into gear and get all the essential digestive juices flowing, thus reducing gas formation.


Add good quality probiotic supplements to improve the bacterial population and thereby reduce changes of bloating.


Breathing consciously through the day, especially before and after meals, keeps the stress hormones in check.

Digestive drinks

You can add digestive drinks for acidity to your daily diets such as lemon water, herbal teas, and kanji.

The last word

Bloating once in a while could depend on your eating or lifestyle habits, but if you feel constantly bloated, it is best to check the underlying reasons. Besides that, engage in physical activity everyday to make the gas and bloating go away.

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