Do you also have mood swings during periods? Learn easy ways to control it

For women, three or four days of periods every month are very difficult. During periods, there are some hormonal changes in the body of women, due to which problems like mood swings, irritability and being emotional can occur. Apart from this, there is also the problem of stomach cramps and body pain. To get rid of these problems, you can adopt some easy measures, which can improve your mood. Also, with the help of these remedies, you can get a lot of relief from pain and stomach cramps. Let us know what measures you can adopt to avoid the problem of mood swings during periods. 

Mood Swing in Periods

1. Take magnesium-rich diet (Magnesium in Period Diet)

You can get relief from muscle pain by consuming a magnesium-rich diet . Along with this, it can also prove to be helpful in providing energy by reducing stomach cramps. Mood swings can be reduced by consuming magnesium-rich foods. For this, you can include banana, spinach, lentils and avocado etc. in your diet. 


2. Drink plenty of water during periods

To reduce mood swings during periods, drink plenty of water. Drinking water will prevent your bloating. If you drink lukewarm water, then there is relief in the problem of period cramps. Hence, drink at least 8 to 9 glasses of water a day. Due to this, there is no problem of pain and irritation and laziness will not be felt. 

3. Benefits of Exercise in Periods

You must exercise during periods . Exercising produces endorphins, which control mood swings. Not only this, exercising increases blood flow, which reduces cramps. If you do not want or do not like to exercise, then you can dance by playing your favorite song. 

4. Consumption of Dark Chocolate in Periods

Consuming dark chocolate during periods can be very beneficial. The cocoa present in dark chocolate reduces period cramps and relieves stress. Along with this, chocolate is also effective in reducing mood swings. Eating dark chocolate increases the level of serotonin, which improves your mood and makes you feel happy. 


5. Sleep well in Periods

Sleeping can reduce the problem of fatigue and pain in your body to a great extent. Sleeping increases serotonin in the body, which improves your mood. At the same time, even when the day comes, you can sleep for a while, due to which you feel fresh and refreshed.

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