How Do I Handle Mood Swings During Periods?

Mood swings are common around the time of menstruation. From feeling irritable, to angry, to crying your eyes out, you often have to deal with a rollercoaster of emotions in a short period of time.

Many of us admit we get a little more, let’s say, unstable, at a certain time of the month. It is common knowledge that we can become a little more temperamental and, to some extent, it’s expected and we get away with it. But it isn’t nice – one minute you feel fine, quite happy, optimistic and the next minute, something minor leaves you feeling way too oversensitive, irritable, angry and sad….it might be just one of these emotions taking over or a delightful combination! Then let’s not forget the feelings of anxiety or even depression that some women have to endure, it just isn’t fair.

How Do I Handle Mood Swings During Periods?

Talking about the measure i opt for controlling these are listed as:-

  1. Eat well – A healthy, varied diet will help you in more ways than you think. Eating little and often will help to keep your blood sugar more stable. Wobbly blood sugar can make you feel lazy and irritable , so try to avoid that. Eat your all favourites and keep a healthy diet routine…..Though doctors and diet experts do claim to avoid gorging over junk foods, but the truth is , I myself being a doctor can’t supress my love for those foods.🙊🙊🙊🙊 So, i ensure to incorporate them in my diet for sure and trust me ….your favourite foods can make your day🍲🍲🍲🍛🍛😌😌😌from preprations part to taking pictures of the outcome ,everything is surely gonna help u divert your mind in doing someting good and feel happy🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
  2. Sleep – Next to fooding is undisturbed sleep in cozy blankets, with teddies and temperature of AC at 16…..😌😌😌😌… try to get 8 hours of sleep on an average at night in order to support your mood. A lack of sleep can make you feel anxious, demotivated and irritable at the best of times, never mind around the time of your period when you are in the middle of hormonal turmoil as it is!
  3. Excercise – Try to be active for at least 30 minutes a day in form of doing any physical work as in yoga , mild dancing ,brisk walking , breathing excercises or anything u lovee…
  4. Watching movies and web series
  5. Try to keep yourself engaged in doing works that you love and enjoy , like crafting , drawing, gaming , reels making anything that makes u feel happy for the moment…
  6. Try to avoid unnecessary stress for few initial days.Stay away for all kind of gossips and stupid talks ,keep urself busy every second doing something worth ❤❤❤

Symtptoms of mood swings are more during initial few days of periods and can be kept in control by opting these small measures in mild cases.

If you r suffering from severe pre or post menstrual syndrome try to consult your doctor for the same for proper medications.

Being a girl , make sure to keep YOURSELF HAPPY during these days till u find someone who sits close to you, cuddling u tight, watching your favourite movies ,cooking the food u like most, making u laugh, holding ur hands to make u feel warm , understand the pain u r bearing and handling all your mood swings with a SMILE on his face❤❤❤😉😊😊

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