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How do I lose 15 kg in one month?

15kg in 1 month, I won’t say it’s impossible but rather difficult. I would like to ask you to be more forgiving and set a goal of 8kg in 1 month. In this answer, I will share with you a weight loss method that will allow you to lose up to 8kg in 1 month. Remember that when it comes to weight loss, results can vary so you can go well beyond that.

But first I’d like to share with you some slimming tips that will help you kick start your weight loss and lose your very first pounds.

I Weight lose 15 kg

1. Drink enough tea

Tea is a great alternative to coffee. Even unsweetened, teas offer a simple way to add some variety to the diet. Although tea is not a magic potion that melts fat, some kinds of tea have rather slimming qualities that can help your diet lose weight quickly. They stimulate the metabolism and calm the nerves. Some of the classic slimming teas include green tea, ginger tea, mint tea, rooibos tea and mate tea.

2. Schedule your next meal on your mobile alarm clock

The idea is that you eat every three hours. “The benefits of this practice are to keep the metabolism active, make you arrive less hungry at the next meal, reduce snacking and reduce anxiety and food compulsions,” lists nutritionist Andrezza Botelho. But for the strategy to have an impact on the scale, you should always opt for low-calorie products, right?

3. Cold water please!

A study from the University of Utah shows that those who drink eight to twelve glasses of water a day have a faster metabolism than those who drink only four glasses. In addition, drinking cold water is believed to boost metabolism by burning calories (through the body’s temperature regulation process). So consider drinking a tall glass of cold water when you wake up and carry a bottle of water with you everywhere. A little trick to encourage you to drink more: add some berries or citrus fruits.

4. Relax

Losing weight fast means stressing your head first. That’s why, in addition to chocolate and fast food, you should also avoid mental stress, or else you’ll get cravings. Consciously take time for yourself to clear your mind. This can be a wellness day at the spa or a comfortable afternoon on the couch with a good book. Whatever helps you relax, do it.

5. Drink water before meals

Precisely two glasses 30 minutes before lunch and dinner. “When your stomach is full, even of liquid, it sends the brain the message that it has received food. In response, you feel satiety and, therefore, you eat less,” explains nutritionist Fernanda Machado Soares. This benefit was proven by a study conducted in 2010 by Virginia Tech University, in the United States, which showed that this attitude generates a saving of 70 to 90 calories per meal.

📝The tips above will just help you get started with your weight loss. If you want to see more results and manage to lose up to 5 pounds a week healthily without starving yourself, or doing a lot of exercise, read the article below.

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