How do you reduce menstrual cramps?

I will tell you some effective tips that really helps to reduce cramp. Painful menstruation is also called dysmenorrhea.

And sometimes those cramps can be so extremely painful that they can affect our normal routine activities during those 2–7 days.

It’s no less than a nightmare for girls.

At one point in time, I myself used to suffer from intense cramps. I used to be very unhealthy back then. An unhealthy lifestyle is one of the major causes of dysmenorrhea.

After taking suggestions from every end and professional advice, I started working on myself not just physically but also started taking care of my emotional and mental well-being. And eventually, it worked out for me.

Take professional help, if required. Nowadays when there are so many young girls suffering from PCOS n PCOD and some other hormonal disorders, there is definitely a need to understand the real problem or cause rather than consuming those readily available pills which are easily available in the market. These are nothing but lifestyle disorders. If you observe, it’s only now that women are suffering from these diseases more than ever before. And the reason is certainly our unhealthy lifestyle.

So instead of consuming those chemical pills, make some changes in your everyday routine which can give positive results.

Do exercise regularly .keep your BMI in check.

Stay fit and healthy. Take a proper diet. Don’t take the stress.

Make sure that you are not constipated while menstruating.( Don’t take this point lightly, its extremely important tip)

You can even try out this simple yet effective remedy. In a glass of warm water, pour a teaspoon of ghee . This remedy really works.

Just take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I can literally vouch for everything that I have written over here. It’s all about being aware and loving yourself.

Avoid taking stress. And live your life to the fullest. Love yourself!

Happy Bleeding!

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