How serious is PCOD? What are the negative ways in which it affects health?

I suffer from PCOD. It’s been years since I have been detected with PCOD. Trust me, it is not easy to live with PCOD. Apart from the period-related issues and complications, unreasonable mood swings, fluctuating and low appetite, large acne on the cheeks and all over the face, severe hair fall and accelerated weight gain have kept me up at night.

When you live with PCIOD, you also have to live with mental health issues, especially depression and anxiety. PCOD triggered my trauma and resulted in PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and my life felt like a living nightmare. At times, my body aches, I feel exhausted and restless, my head feels dizzy, all due to UNKNOWN REASONS!

How serious is PCOD?

Do you know what the worst part of having PCOD is? Just because you have gained a number of pounds, people automatically assume you as someone who has no control over their diet and relates you as someone who does not pay any heed to the two-digit numbers that constantly fluctuate on the weighing machine. These horrors are just the tip of the iceberg!


PCOD makes you limit your diet and restrict yourself from foods with gluten and dairy. And you know what, there’s more to it! You are supposed to cut down on caffeine, products with carbonated soda and milk, all in a way THAT regular people aren’t told to.

When you have PCOD, you undergo PMS before, during and after your periods! The weight gain, acne, and hair fall result in self-loathing thoughts and give body-image issues (something which I keep suffering from).

Oh wait! The worst part is the gynac consultation. I have visited multiple gyancs and all of them have strictly advised to ‘LOOSE WEIGHT’ as soon as possible (without even acknowledging the horrors and implications of PCOD) since it’s the only solution as well as cure to PCOD.

If you have PCOD, please go and consult a doctor. Please don’t fall for online consultation and tips provided on social media platforms. Every body is built differently, and hence, the cure varies from person to person.

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