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How to know the first week of pregnancy?

When a woman knows that she is pregnant, she has to bring about a corresponding change in her body, mind and actions. Especially when it is her first child how will she notice her pregnancy symptoms. And this post is the answer to questions like how to know First Week Pregnancy Symptoms.

What happens in the first week of pregnancy (First Week Pregnancy Symptoms)?

This is your first month if you are in your first week of pregnancy. In nine months, your fetus will come out as a baby. Now your pregnancy journey begins.

Pregnancy starts at 1 week based on the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP – Last Menstrual Period). Now, your body prepares for ovulation and conception.

What does the structure of the fetus look like in the first week of pregnancy?

In the first week of pregnancy, the structure of the fetus is not yet formed. Only now does the sperm fuse with the egg. For another week, the ovum remains floating in the fallopian tube.

We can not confirm pregnancy until this egg goes down properly and descends into the fallopian tube . We cannot tell clearly about the structure of the fetus now. A pregnancy test in this condition will give a negative result.

Should I get tested in the first week of pregnancy?

the first week of pregnancy

The level of HCG in the blood will start to increase. But by keeping it you can’t confirm that you are pregnant. So it is better to check after few weeks.

The first week of pregnancy can be tested depending on the level of HCG in the urine. During the first week, high levels of the hormone in the blood are present in sufficient amounts in the urine. But, this is not the right time to experiment. Therefore, in the first week of pregnancy, the test will not show the correct result.

An ultrasound scan can detect the embryo after it has descended into the uterus . But during the first week, the embryo is floating in the fallopian tube, so the test does not give any information.

It is important to take a daily prenatal vitamin with folic acid .

Is the first week pregnancy test accurate?

Any test done in the first week of pregnancy will give positive results. We cannot test and give accurate results as the ovum is not attached to the uterus yet.

Pregnancy 1 week symptoms

A week into pregnancy, the symptoms you experience may even be typical of your period. So it is important to be patient and confirm your pregnancy.

Here are the main symptoms of pregnancy 1 week:

the first week of pregnancy

Lower back pain and cramps

Lower back pain and abdominal cramps may occur as the baby draws nutrients from the spine to grow .


Many women get these migraines. It is hormone related. Ice packs and hot water baths are said to reduce pain.

Mood swings

Mood swings often begin after pregnancy. At times of happiness they are suddenly changed to crying mood. This is due to the reorganization of the nervous system. Emotional level will be high. Due to this, some people feel physically tired and have pregnancy stress .

Abdominal pain and cramping

You may feel a slight pain or mild cramping in the lower abdomen. This is because of the blood flow in the pelvis. This pain will disappear very quickly.

Swelling and pain in the chest

The chest will be slightly enlarged and more sensitive. Even touching them at this time may be unpleasant for them.


The feeling of hunger will increase. Some people do not feel full no matter how much they eat. Now, the urge to eat a certain food may appear. Flavor preferences may vary. At the same time, in the morning, when looking at food, a feeling of nausea may also appear.

  • Body temperature varies
  • The whites are clear, with a more slippery consistency, like egg whites
  • becomes thinner
  • The cervix softens and opens
  • You may notice some drops of blood
  • Your genitals may be swollen
  • The appearance of acne
  • Slight swelling of hands and feet
  • Depression

Give up unhealthy habits

Do you smoke, drink alcohol, or consume too much caffeine? After a positive pregnancy test you should give up bad habits.
Consult a doctor in advance.

As soon as you confirm your pregnancy while you are expecting, visit your nearest doctor and ask any questions you may have. This will help you overcome your fears.

Take a rest

Many discomforts during pregnancy can stress you out. But as you embark on this journey, focus a little on the things that make you happy. Take at least 2 hours of restful sleep during the day.

Enjoy listening to soulful songs. Cook and eat favorite foods, talk to everyone and be happy.

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