How to Wear a Skirt in the Winter

Skirts are a great way to dress up any outfit, but wearing a skirt during the cold winter months can leave you feeling more cold than chic. Choosing the right skirt and accompanying accessories will leave you feeling both warm and fashion-forward. To make sure you stay warm, layering is the key to wearing a skirt in the winter.

Choosing Skirts

Try a long skirt. Winter is a great time for wearing longer skirts. They provide more warmth than shorter skirts, and they can still be fashionable. You can even go for an ankle-length skirt.

  • Pick out a skirt that extends somewhere between your mid-calf and the top of your foot, a few inches above your ankle. Longer skirts will keep you warmer, but a skirt that’s too long will drag on the ground, getting wet and muddy.

Choose skirts made with warm fabric. Shorter skirts are not going to provide much warmth. However, if you choose a fabric like wool, you are going to get a bit more warmth out of them. Denim, suede, and velvet can also offer more warmth. After that, you’ll just need to pair them with something warm, such as leggings and a sweater.

Choose a knee-length skirt for flexibility. A knee-length skirt offers a bit of warmth (though not as much as a full-length skirt). In addition, you can wear it in a variety of situations.Knee-length skirts can be made to look professional, trendy, or flirty, depending on how you accessorize them.

  • For instance, a pencil skirt paired with a button-up shirt and suit jacket can look professional, while a pencil skirt paired with a fancy top can serve for an evening out.

Subvert expectations with a mini skirt. Use a mini-skirt to create a chic look. Mini-skirts in winter seem to defy common sense. As a result, wearing one gives your style an edgy twist. Matching the skirt with suitable leg coverings will keep you both warm and fashionable.

  • For instance, try a mini-skirt with patterned leggings and an oversized sweater.

Double up on skirts. This advice may sound a little odd. However, layering skirts can provide you with extra warmth and look fashionable at the same time. Try a longer flowing skirt under a slightly shorter (less flowing) skirt, for instance, and it can be like having a petticoat on.

  • Try a button-up dress with out any ruffles, and throw it over a ruffled skirt. Just button a few buttons at the top of the dress.

Keeping Your Legs Warm

Don a pair of knee-high boots. If your look demands a shorter skirt, knee-high boots may be just what you need to stay warm. Try a pair in leather to amp up the fashion level. You could also try suede for a softer look.

  • If you want something a bit more daring, try a pair of thigh-high boots.

Put on ankle-high shoes. Ankle-high boots are an obvious choice for winter. They can be fun, fashionable, and warm. You don’t have to stick to boots, though. For a little whimsy, try a pair of ankle-high sneakers. It’s warm, plus you’ll get great traction.

  • Almost any length skirt will look great with ankle-high boots. Try a pencil skirt, for instance, or even a full-length skirt.

Wear leggings or stockings. Leggings and stockings add warmth, and they can make a fashion statement at the same time. Most are made of cotton, polyester blends, or spandex. They come in a variety of colors, so choose one that works well with your skirt. Black, brown, and other muted neutrals are safe options for most skirts, but you may consider choosing a bolder color or pattern to give your outfit a bit of pizzazz.

  • For instance, try a pair of tartan leggings under a red mini skirt for a bold look.
  • For something more neutral, throw a pair of tan stockings on under a full-length skirt.

hrow on a pair of slim pants. While this look isn’t for everyone, a pair of pants underneath your skirt can add warmth and be fashion-forward at the same time. Try a slim pair of pants in a neutral color. Some fashionistas even advise a skirt over a pair of wide-legged jeans.

  • Try a pair of skinny jeans underneath a red calf-length skirt.

Keeping the Rest of Your Body Warm

Throw a sweater on top. A chic sweater on top can be just the right note to make an outfit. Plus, it has the added bonus of keeping you warm. You can also layer a long-sleeved shirt under a sweater vest for a different look.

  • You can even pair an oversized sweater with a short skirt.

Make your jacket part of the outfit. You need your jacket when you’re out and about, but don’t worry, you can just incorporate it. For instance, a long jacket belted over a long skirt can be quite chic. For a short skirt, you can go short or long with your jacket, depending on the look you want.

Don’t forget the warm accessories. Add a chic scarf for extra warmth and a splash of color. Also, don’t forget gloves. A sleek pair of leather or suede gloves goes with most looks. Add a knit cap on top, and you’ve got a recipe for winter warmth with sleek style.

  • For instance, you could pair a tight-fitting sweater with suede gloves, a big chunky scarf, and a matching knit hat.

Source: wikihow

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