I bleed 25 days a month because of PCOS. Can I use the menstrual cup?

Hello there 🌿

The polycystic ovarian syndrome name itself is enough to scare the sh*t out of anyone but, before reaching out there it’s so important to confirm your Diagnosis by,

🩸 menstrual irregularities

🩸hormonal panel showing higher range of male hormones

🩸ultrasound suggestive of polycystic ovaries

2/3 are enough to confirm your Diagnosis. After confirming your Diagnosis it’s so important to see in which category of PCOS you fall into.

Coming back to your question, absolutely 100% yes you can use menstrual cup as your period product.

Make sure you use good quality 100% silicone based, with proper size & sterilization method.

menstrual cup

I hope this helps 🌿

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