Is it Dangerous to Eat Bananas and Eggs Together? See The Truth Here

There is a well circulated message on social media particularly on WhatsApp claiming that the blend of egg and banana creates poison that could kill within 5 minutes of consumption. 

This post got viral in 2017 and still discovers its way in 2018, notwithstanding the way that the message has been exposed based on the absence of any scientific proof. 

The viral message peruses: 

“URGENT!!! Never eat an egg and banana at the same time because their mixture gives a poison that kills within 5 minutes. Do not keep this message, publish it if you are good samaritan”.


According to Banglore Mirror, an every day English-language newspaper in India, the viral post began from a fake story about the young man who died on the spot after consuming egg and sweet banana. The fake news expressed that after researching the cause for the death, specialists found that the mixture of the egg and the banana in the stomach transformed into a toxic substance. Thus, it is prompted for individuals not to eat egg with banana. 


Dr. Gusen Mashak Joseph, senior registrar and family medicine of Our Lady of Apostle (OLA), Jos Plateau State declares the statement as false. He said “somebody can take banana and develop a problem; somebody can likewise take different fruit develop a problem . It is about individual differences as regard to fruits. For the way that somebody ate banana and later recalls that he ate egg and builds up a problem doesn’t imply that when one takes egg with banana, the individual will pass on. It isn’t correct”. 

“Actually, the combination of banana and egg is utilized to cure diarrhea and malnutrition in children. Banana is a source of potassium and egg is a source of protein. Also, raw egg can be mixed with raw pap and made into a fine paste before hot water is added to form the pap and banana can be blended to add flavour”, Dr. Gusen concluded.

Noor Jan, a drug specialist and health enthusiastic additionally shares a similar view. He opined that there are common recipes that uses banana and eggs, for example, banana cake which has been used safely by people for quite a long time. According to Jan’s exploration, banana is advanced with potassium, fibers and Vitamin C while eggs are rich in calcium, phosphorus, fats and proteins just as two or three different supplements which are not poisonous to one another. 

His statement reads: “there are no such facts that their ingredients will react with each other to form toxins that can harm the human body”.


Eating banana and egg simultaneously IS NOT POISONOUS ! vital nutrients that when mixed together cannot be toxic to human health.. By the by, as clarified by Dr. Gusen prior on, everything relies upon singular contrasts as respect to natural products.

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