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Is it normal to bleed more than 7 days on your period?

Normal Bleeding vs Abnormal Bleeding

I have been bleeding heavy during my periods for the last 3 months followed by cramps and clots. When I shared this piece of information with my doctor, she told me this is an abnormal period bleeding and that I should have visited them earlier. I was very confused what they meant.

Now, the question arises, what are normal period bleeding and abnormal period bleeding?


Normal Menstruation usually lasts for 3-7 days and one loses around 40-80 ml of blood. It also means that you will require a few sanitary pads per day of menstruation.


Now to understand, they explained me what is Abnormal Period Bleeding and so allow me to share the same :

Bleeding that lasts for more than 8 days

Need to change pads/tampons every hour

Severe Cramps

Spotting between periods

It is very important to visit a gynaecologist the moment you notice the symptoms. Ignorance can cause severe consequences. Besides, while on periods try using Lemme Be’s XXL sanitary pads. These organic pads are lighter and easier to use. They have a better capacity for extra flow.

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