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Is it okay to put off your period? Know the proper technique.

Whether delaying your menstruation is safe or not is still up for debate. An specialist clarifies the issue and offers secure methods for postponing your menstruation.

All of us have experienced that. the fear that our menstrual cycle may disrupt an approaching family wedding or a beach getaway. Numerous other problems, including bloating, diarrhea, cramping, low energy, and exhaustion, to name a few, are followed by a monthly period. However, thanks to developments in medical technology, delaying your periods makes it simple to attend your big occasions without disruption. Even while all of this seems easy in modern times, “period suppression” still draws suspicious looks, prompting everyone to wonder whether it is safe to postpone periods.

To learn more about the safety of delaying your periods, Health Shots spoke with Dr. Asha Dalal, Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Well Woman Center at Sir H N Reliance Hospital.

Is it okay to put off your period?

Delaying your period is both safe and common, according to Dr. Dalal. However, before doing anything, speak with your doctor.

Healthy women have regular cycles. The specialist, though, explains why women would desire to postpone their periods: “Most people prefer to delay their periods when they are going on a vacation or for some special religious ceremony. It may also be for a special occasion where you do not want the discomfort of bleeding, cramps, or pain, such as a wedding or honeymoon.

Safe and efficient methods to postpone your periods

There are various risk-free techniques to postpone your periods, some of which include:

1. Pop the right pill

You have two options for contraception: combination oral contraceptives or progesterone tablets. You must begin in either scenario at least 3 to 7 days in advance, and you will typically start your periods 2 to 5 days after ceasing use.

The majority of people do not experience any negative effects, however a small percentage may experience headaches, acne, breast tenderness, or bloating. Although using medications to delay periods on occasion won’t alter your menstrual cycle, doing so too frequently could result in irregular periods or sporadic spotting.

2. Try some natural ways

There are numerous natural methods of postponing periods besides prescription drugs. Some of them include breast massage or excessive activity. any people who question the efficacy of hormone-regulating drugs and worry about their adverse effects can choose any of the efficient natural techniques discussed above.

3. Foods that can be of help

“Foods like lime juice, apple cider vinegar, gram cereal, gelatin, and mustard seeds are said to help postpone periods. You should consult your gynecologist if you want to delay your periods for a lengthy time due to medical conditions, the expert advises. There may be no truth to meals that start menstruation.

Benefits of delaying your periods

Productivity levels may be directly impacted by menstruation. Delaying your periods is not only the best option if you have a social engagement, but it also supports managing various medical concerns. It can occasionally be beneficial for women who are coping with physical or mental health issues that make their periods difficult.

Birth control dosages can help treat illnesses like endometriosis and severe anemia, which are typically made worse by menstruation. Additionally, taking hormonal supplements can reduce premenstrual symptoms in women who experience them on a regular basis and help them manage their lives more effectively.

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