Sex Mythbuster: Touching A Woman’s Breasts Won’t Make Them Bigger

Can sucking or pressing a woman’s breasts make them bigger? We answer this very common sex query.

Q: Hi, I am a 24-year-old man. I wanted to ask if pressing or sucking on a girl’s breasts will make it grow bigger. My girlfriend is really worried about it and won’t let me touch her breasts.

This is one of the most common sex-related myths that people seem to have. While many women find squeezing and pressing boobs arousing, there’s absolutely no data to suggest that they can grow bigger with pressing or squeezing. Normally, when a woman is aroused, there is some blood flow to her breasts which makes them marginally bigger temporarily. This makes it a wonderful erogenous zone that most heterosexual males enjoy fondling.

Sex Mythbuster: Touching A Woman's Breasts Won't Make Them Bigger

The breasts can also increase in size if a woman puts on weight, or is pregnant or lactating. Exercising can also improve body posture and make the breasts appear more attractive, but it cannot increase its size. No ointment, oil or cream that claims to do it is legitimate. You should avoid buying any such products. The only way to actually increase their size is to get breast implants.

So you can rest assured that pressing or fondling will not increase her breast size. If it was that easy, there would really be no need for an expensive procedure like breast implants.

And we should add that if your girlfriend is not comfortable with breast play you should avoid it. A woman has various erogenous zones throughout her body. Maybe for your girlfriend, her breasts aren’t one of them. You may also like to read about the 10 steps to give your woman an orgasmic handjob.

Rachel Hercman, a psychotherapist specializing in sexuality adds, ‘Perhaps it would help your girlfriend if she asked a doctor this query. Upon hearing that there is indeed nothing for her to worry about (interesting though, since many women would love bigger breasts!), if she is not relieved by the answer then there is obviously more to the story when it comes to her not being comfortable with you touching her breasts. If that’s the case, that she is uncomfortable for other reasons, that’s an important conversation you need to have; it’s obviously driving a wedge between you two and causing conflict.

Anxiety during sexual activity is not a good recipe for sexual satisfaction, so educating oneself on these queries is important not only for debunking myths, but for the ability to be truly present in one’s sex life.

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