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Weight loss after 60: Tips seniors should keep in mind

Aiming for weight loss is always challenging. Add your age to it, and you’ll realize that being 60 means the weight loss journey won’t be simple. Here are some weight loss tips that women over 60 can follow.

Whether you are 16 or 60, a weight-loss journey is not a cakewalk. Yes, when you are younger, your metabolism works in your favor. That is exactly why even if you eat a lot and do less movement, unwanted fat doesn’t surprise you. But as you grow older, gaining weight becomes easier than losing it. That doesn’t mean you should let your weight dominate you. Being overweight will make your health even worse. Let’s find out what seniors should keep in mind while thinking of weight loss after 60.

To know about weight loss tricks for seniors, HealthShots reached out to fitness guru Aminder Singh of Team Aminder fame.

Ways women can lose weight after 60

The most important thing is that it does not just exercise that you should keep in mind, but also your diet and other aspects of your life for weight loss after 60.

Here are some products that you can try:

1. Resistance training

Resistance training incorporates using weights or resistance bands to develop muscle mass. Don’t worry, it’s safe for women over 60. Singh says that it bolsters metabolism and facilitates weight loss. The training also helps in strengthening bones and containing osteoporosis, which is a common problem among older women.

2. Physical activities

Any kind of physical activity is vital for weight loss. Regular exercise for women over 60 can help to retain muscle mass, increase metabolism, and aid in weight loss. You can go for low-impact activities like walking and swimming. Yoga can help as well.

3. Proper intake of diet

A balanced diet is crucial for weight loss, and women over 60 should focus on consuming foods that are rich in protein and other nutrients. They should avoid foods that are high in sugar and fat. Protein is extremely important, as it can prevent muscle loss and promote weight loss. So, start eating protein-rich foods.

4. Positive attitude

Whether you are a senior or not, a positive attitude is paramount to weight loss success. Women over 60 should focus on their objectives and celebrate their progress, rather than becoming disheartened by setbacks, says the expert.

5. Sufficient sleep

Getting adequate sleep is essential for weight loss, as it enables regulating hormones that influence appetite and metabolism. Women over 60 should ensure at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

Things to be cautious about while losing weight after 60

Elderly people need to be more careful before going on a weight loss journey.

1. Do not aim for rapid weight loss

Rapid weight loss seems to be a great idea, but it can lead to muscle loss and other adverse health effects. Women over 60 should strive for a slow and steady weight loss of one to 2 pounds per week, advises Singh.

2. Consult a doctor

Women over 60 should consult a doctor before commencing a weight loss program. They may have underlying health conditions that need to be assessed before initiating any new diet or exercise regimen. It is also important to seek the assistance of a fitness coach to achieve your desired results safely.

3. Focus on functionality

Rather than only focusing on weight loss, women over 60 should aim for enhancing their overall health and functionality. This may include building muscle, improving balance, and sustaining bone density.

4. Excessive physical exertion

It is strongly advised that women over 60 should avoid excessive physical exertion that may induce injury. It is necessary for you to listen to your body and rest whenever needed.

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