What are effective and safe home remedies for weight loss?

Do you want to cure weight loss, as in stop it from happening? Most people have already cured it. They eat more than they need in caloric terms. Many also avoid the exercise they need. They are 70% of the population these days. If you are still skinny, it’s your own fault. LOL!

Seriously though, the well-known tried and true remedies for obesity and overweight are to eat somewhat less than what your body needs on any given day. Eat a balanced diet. Get a decent amount of sleep. Don’t drink sodas and juices. Reduce your alcohol intake. Eat whole foods more than manufactured foods with too many additives that don’t help your health. Don’t give in to peer pressure when dining out with friends: eat what you need, not them.

The biggest remedy is paying attention when you are around food. Be conscious of what you eat and how much. Never go too long without some food, even if only a piece of fruit: never let your hunger overwhelm you. (If you do intermittent fasting or IF, this may not apply to you: you are already doing some control of diet, but you can still eat too much in IF if you are not careful. Watching your calories is still critical to weight loss.)

Don’t eat in front of a screen, whether your TV or computer monitor. It is too easy to just keep grazing without thinking.

Eat slowly, put down your fork between bites, having a pleasant conversation. Taking your time is your best defense if you are usually a fast eater. If you slow down eating enough, your belly will tell you that it is satisfied before you finish what is on your plate. The only positive alternative is to put on your plate only the amount you are supposed to have (with no second helpings). When it is gone, you stop eating and leave the table.

Only eat at the table, and not on the sofa or bed, etc.

People who come from families that always serve huge plates of food have to start regulating what goes on their own plates. If you are accustomed to big plates full of food, you need to recognize that this is not a healthy amount, but a high calorie amount.

CRE or chronic restrained eating is a real thing. You must start (and continue) limiting the food on your plate or your weight will rise again. This is not starvation at all, but regulation.

Learn to cook so you have more control over what you eat. Learn nutrition so you can know what is needed, what is acceptable, and what is not.

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